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Hosted Mail Protection Safety first, so we work with the highest standards.

E-mail security from the Austrian cloud

Apart from surfing the Internet, emails are the most frequently used gateway for all kinds of digital malware. Most commonly today, next to advertising e-mail “Spam”, especially Phishing (password theft), identity spoofing scams (forgery of the sender’s identity) and blackmail software (Ransomware, Encryption Trojans) are found. With Hosted Mail Protection we offer professional all-round protection for your incoming and outgoing e-mails – hosted in Austria for European enterprises.

  • Anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Examination of incoming and outgoing mails
  • Hosted in Austria

Control and flexibility

We value simple and efficient solutions. Therefore, you are also able to manage this service through our user-friendly configuration interface. To grant you a comprehensive overview of the reasons for which messages have been deleted, you receive periodical reports about all the intercepted spam mails, viruses, and other malware. By means of this extensive statistical tool you recognize the threat situation at a glance. Our rental model makes costly investments (IT hardware and software) as well as reoccurring maintenance projects (upgrades) obsolete. All costs are immediately deductible operating expenses in accordance with §4 of the Income Tax Act

  • Configuration interface
  • Automated reports
  • Immediately deductible in accordance with §4 of the Income Tax Act.

Lighten your IT

Computationally intensive tasks, such as spam and anti-virus filtering are being executed in our cloud and thus relieve your infrastructure is being relieved. With our multilevel filtering, new threats are stopped before they reach your network. The mail volume you receive is reduced by up to 95%, the system load of your servers and lines is reduced and your employees are not affected by spam, viruses or scamming e-mails in their day-to-day work. Finally, your IT department also feels the relieve – it does not have to worry about configuration or operation tasks and can focus on more important issues.

  • Multilevel filter
  • Reducing incoming mail up to 95 %
  • Relieve of for your IT department

Secure and available

Our highly automated processes, redundant systems and high data center standard (according to DIN EN50600) guarantee 99.9% availability. And should you ever need our help, our 24/7 support team is always available.

  • 99,9% availability
  • DIN EN50600
  • 24/ support

Facts at a glance

Comprehensive protection  
Spam and virus filtering
Cloud-based protection layer
Protection against spoofing, phishing and malware
Protection against denial-of-service (Dos/DDoS) attacks
Protection against directory attacks
Outbound e-mail filtering
End user  
User-based filtering
Customized spam scoring
Personal release & block lists
End-user based quarantine and digest e-mails
Outlook integration
  Bayesian filter analysis
Spam filtering   
Rate control
IP reputation analysis
Fingerprint and image analysis
Rule-based scoring algorithms
Hourly updates of spam definitions
Virus filtering  
Three-level virus blocking
Integrated Exchange AV agent
Unpacking of archives
File type blocking
Hourly virus definition updates
Advanced policy control  
IP and content-based filtering
Bulk e-mail categorization
Content encryption
Sender/receiver filtering
RBL and DNSBL support
Keyword blocking
Blocking of character sets
Reverse DNS blocking
URL pattern and category blocking
TLS encryption policy
Additional authentication
Sender authentication  
SPF and DomainKeys
Suppression of invalid bounce messages
DLP and reputation loss  
Ensure compliance
Prevents reputation loss and blacklisting
Predefined filters (e.g. HIPAA, credit cards)
Fingerprint and intent analysis definitions


We are looking forward to your inquiry and are ready for you 24/7.

Cloudtastic GmbH 
Guntramsdorfer Str. 103 
2340 Österreich 

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