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vCAD virtualized CAD computers with real-time access

The virtual CAD workspace from Cloudtastic

Benefit from the advantage of a cloud infrastructure for the use of CAD applications (computer aided design). Because of a reliable remote access to our high-performance computers at our Austrian datacenter, you save yourself buying cost intensive hardware (workstations) and you can offer your employees customized access. Together with the market leader CITRIX and the HDX3D technology we offer with vCAD virtualized workspaces through the cloud.

Even a standard tablet can be transformed into a power workstation (because only image data is transferred) and your employees or teams can access the centrally stored project data location-independently, flexibly and securely.

  • Virtualized CAD workstations with HDX3D technology
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Office PCs become high performance computers

Virtualization: hardware independent

The whole computing power as well as soft- and hardware runs through the cloud in our Austrian datacenter. Your device therefore just functions as input device. This makes your business way more hardware independent, as external capacities can be accessed, and maintenance-intensive and failure-prone workstations, as well as their associated licensing costs, become obsolete. Moreover, you are equipped with significantly more flexible and by far better security.

  • Hardware independent
  • Save expensive hardware costs

Location-independent. Work wherever you want

In cross-location or cross-company collaboration, the transfer of the required data often demands high effort and causes waiting periods. This limits users both in terms of location and time, to the detriment of flexibility. vCAD enables real time access to centrally stored data. Subsequently, the efficiency of your employees is enhanced and the cooperation and development times decrease. Therefore you and your staff can work from anywhere you want.

  • High flexibility in location and time
  • Small effort

Cost control and flexibility

With vCAD we offer you virtualized CAD computing, which you can configure flexibly and for which you only pay as long as you use it. The monthly cancellation option and simple addition of CAD machines gives you maximum flexibility – whether in regards to changing order situations for businesses or limited financial capabilities of startups. All costs are immediately deductible operating expenses in accordance with §4 of the Income Tax Act and you have full control at all times.

Secure and available

With the guaranteed server location in Vienna you always know where your data is and you can rely on the fact that Austrian law is applicable. State-of-the-art anti-spam technology and always up to date virus-scan-engines guarantee best possible security against malware. Our highly automated processes, redundant systems and high standard of the data center (according to DIN EN50600) guarantee 99,9% availability. And should need our help, our 24/7 support team is always at your disposal.

  • 99,9% availability
  • DIN EN50600
  • 24/7 Support
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